Witcher 2 Devs "Don’t Like To See Gamers Treated Like Dairy Cows".

CD Projekt RED development director Adam Badowski expressed his disdain for the mercenary attitude many publishers take toward DLC in an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The Polish company is talking the talk – "We don’t see the idea [of paid DLC] as wrong, but we definitely don’t like to see gamers treated like dairy cows that are primed for milking," Badowski declared – after walking the walk with its exemplary post-release support for both The Witcher and its sequel, including the huge 2.0 patch coming to The Witcher 2 tomorrow on PC.

Badowski's comments on DLC are music to the ears of gamers who find themselves paying $80 or more to unlock everything in their games. "We’re not only in this industry to make games, we’re also here to do business. But we shouldn’t look at it exclusively from the latter angle," he said. "If you only think about the business in terms of the money it can generate, I think you could come awfully close to forcing players to buy something additional in order to enjoy fully a game they just bought."

Badowski also noted that all PC DLC for The Witcher 2 will remain free, but Xbox players won't be so lucky "because of certain Microsoft policies that need to be followed." So you know where to direct any future frothy rage at having to pay for something that someone else gets for free.

Source: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/09/27/which-witcher-is-the-witcher-2-2-0/

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The policy strikes again!

Welcome to the Project

Hmmm.  I might not bother with the next Xbox.

just bring Witcher 2.

Just so you know, M$, I buy arcade games from time to time. I enjoy them. Pay the same amount if say... on the PS3. But I next to never pay for DLC on an existing game. I don't believe in buying a game at $60 and then an additional $80 for DLC.

me ==> you. not the other way around, M$.

Wow finally a dev gets it.   I support them 100%.   If they are truly serious and want to help  change the way things are done then they should just refuse to release the DLC on marketplace.   and then publicly talk about it a lot.   gamers on the xbox. might finally say enough is enough and stop supporting all these over priced addons which would have in years past been free at least on pc.  MS would have no choice but to at least considering lowering the prices on everything by at least half.

When my Xbox finally dies I don't think I'm going to bother buying a new one. M$ policies towards devs, DLC pricing and patches for games is at times infuriating and Sony is a lot friendlier in that regard. All I've really seen from M$ these past few years is *** over their community time and time again for their own corporate interest and gain (or in some cases loss).

The best bang for the buck is usually Bethesda.  They do quality.  

Map packs are worth it if you have several people that play on your profile so you really get your moneys worth.

BLOP's I only got one pack and I will not buy MW3 new and probably will not get the packs for it.  Zombies is not my thing anyway!

I just avoid junk DLCs (those hilariously overpriced MW2 map packs from a year or so ago being a prime example) and make sure that the ones I do buy are ones that I'll want to play the hell out of almost as much as the full titles I buy.

The problem with a lot of today's players (especially MS fans) is that they don't see these practices as an issue and don't even realize, or care they are treated like a cash crop. I for the life of me can't understand why or how Xbox fans aren't completely outraged that they have to pay extra for the privilege of having the ability to play against, or with someone online. Nobody else pays for this, yet MS fanboys defend it because Live is superior. Yet matchmaking is a joke, gamer zones are useless, etc, etc. Before online gaming, games were complete when they launched. They worked and any ideas or content that a developer wanted in a game was there. Glitches & bugs were fewer & a lot less severe. Now, we have patch after patch and a ton of stuff we have to pay extra for if we want the whole game. If games of past generations were released in the state they are today, a lot of developers would have been out of business very quickly. As long as players go along with it... Of course the powers that be will continue to milk away. Gamers are so gullible & sheepish, that they not only condone shady practices, they help them succeed with big, dumb smiles on their faces.

If only Sony could make PSN as good as Live (Say whatever you want, PSN cannot compare with Live at all.) or Nintendo could figure out how to make online work and get more 3rd party support then just maybe I wouldn't have to deal with MS horrid business policies.

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