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I have something that has been stuck in my head for almost a year now... So at 3:44 AM of Wednesday, August 26, i thought i would write about it. back in about December, maybe January, I purchased the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It was a bit of an impulse buy. I quickly realized 45 minutes into playing the game that i made a huge mistake. For some reason i thought back to that time just now and i always wondered if i could help others out in this situation. But then i thought, how come Microsoft doesn't help us out in those situations? i thought now would be a good time for the Microsoft Gods to hear me out for a few moments... If they ever read this. I feel we should be offered something as such as one refund per year or 5 to an account, something along those lines. I'm not asking to have what steam users have with their unlimited refunds, but more along the League of Legends guidelines (3 refunds). As Xbox Live users, we are susceptible to sales hitting the store at any moment it feels, and as great as that is, we are also susceptible to buying games before they reach a sale or become free to gold users. I'm aware of the announcements of the games for gold deals but not everybody else is aware and it is not fair to expect people to be aware of such announcements. Impulse buying affects almost everybody (i gave an example at the beginning of the statement). At times we buy games that seem to be good but turn out to be misleading and not as expected to be, and at times it doesn't take long to figure that out. No person should have to go through my pain of paying $59.99 for a game i played for 45 minutes. I accept that that money is gone forever but my anger and disappointment still lingers. No one should have to feel like they're biting the bullet or taking a shot in the dark on a purchase ever. We should feel confident, and protected about a purchase knowing that if that game turns out to be not as expected at all, they have an opportunity to make up for a $60 mistake. I know it sounds silly, and that we should be more mature about our purchases, not everybody can take a step back and think for a bit about a purchase. we need peace of mind when it comes to our purchases. We shouldn't have to feel hoodwinked, bamboozled, and deceived, over a misleading purchase. My proposal would be to allow users a grace period where they can request a refund of their money for a limited amount of times per year. Doing so would prevent gamers from using this as an exploit to play games for a certain amount of time. Its a lot to ask for but then again it isn't. Its 4:26 and i won't bother to proof read as i am very tired... of NO REFUNDS...      


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I believe there is a 30 day grace period on digital purchases on the xbox one so if you contacted support you probably would of got a refund. Obviously this not something you can abuse unless the game is broken at release.

[quote]No person should have to go through my pain of paying $59.99 for a game i played for 45 minutes.[/quote]

I understand your frustration, but this is a slightly comedic statement.  You act like you lost a family member or something.

Steam/Valve seem to be getting along fine with their refund system. It feels like Microsoft is lagging behind with the current system.