Wish List for IG - Season 2

Was hoping IG would have a forum by now for direct communication. We have no way of knowing if they monitor this forum so this could be a waste of time, but thought a thread for them to read where fans say their top ten wishes could be useful. 

There was something similar on the DH forums, but that's gone now.


1. Fix all bugs

2. No reinvention. One thing DH got absolutely right is the core gameplay mechanics. Don't do anything to mess with that balance.

3. A good mix of new and old characters. Don't be afraid of nostalgia warriors who will rage at anything beyond all character being classics, and add a few of your own. A 5/3 or even 4/4 mix would be good. Perhaps try and compromise to both camps by making new/classic characters - like Spinal when he was a man, Eagle, Fulgore mark 4, another alien from Glacius' world etc.

4. Maintain the huge difference between characters. Clones are easier to make, but will kill the game. Look at all past fighting games for styles that haven't been tapped and unique gameplay traits that could be a character's unique traits and make them stand out - think parries, stance changing, grapple chains - throw everything and the kitchen sink to keep the game fresh.

5. Fix some classic costumes, or create a new set. Might be a bit sensitive changing DHs work, but most agree some of the classic costumes need work. Jago's hands are too big, Glacius' skull too square and deep, Orchid is all wrong and needs remodelling, Sabrewulf just plain weird. It may be more politically neutral to just leave DH's as they are and create a new set, but I personally wouldn't mind them being altered.

6. More/better accessories and perhaps a colour palette customiser.

7. Second stages for all characters as DLC?

8. Match making options. A lot of people find it annoying to keep getting much higher ranked players. A lot of higher ranked players predictably like it that way. Give options for matchmaking within 3 ranks, and the open system the way it is

9. Maybe give multiple route to costume colour and accessory unlocks. If you don't play competitively online with some characters you'll never unlock everything, but you might want to play with those characters offline with friends or in exhibitions. Give two routes to all items, one unlockable by offline and exhibition play.

10. Express yourselves! ;-)


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10. Keep M Gordon

(Apparently Gordon's actual first name is flagged as a swear word here)

Just cause I'd like to see al the classic characters come back doesn't make me a "Nostalgia Warrior" I can appreciate some of the new stuff. I just want some of the old fans including myself to not get left out : U when some of the returning characters make it I will definitely appreciate the new ones for sure!

My wish list:

1- Add Riptor, Cinder, and T.J Combo, feel free to throw in some new characters along as well.

2-At least 2 Ultimates would be nice, if not I can settle for 1.

3-A red colored Riptor and a blue one to please!

4-PLEASE keep *** Gordon, he's amazing with the music and I'd like to see what he does for the others.

5- Classic stages as DLC would be a nice option to have.

6- Tag-Team(this is optional I won't mind if it isn't in but it'd be nice to have in future after season2)

I also agree with the idea of having more than one way of unlocking colors for characters.

1- No tag team

2- No guest character

3- tj cinder riptor

4- 5 new character

6- stage finish

7- real boss

8- complet new UI desing

9- all the bug fix

1. Consistency with what DH started. (*** Gordon, Balance, etc)

2. Fonts and UI could use the KI feeling a bit more.

3. Stage moves.

1. Keep the gameplay and visual style which DH implemented. Also hold onto M. Gordon if possible.

2. Fix all the bugs/glitches

3. Revamp the arcade mode, don't just add new characters to the current model. It currently feels like it was rushed in order for DH to meet a deadline.

4. Don't make Aria a mimic character.

5. Add the 3 missing non-boss characters from the original KI (Cinder, Riptor, & TJ Combo)

6. Add the 3 non-boss characters introduced in KI 2 (Kim Wu, Tusk, and Maya)

7. Add 2 new characters. And make at least one of them non-human.

8. 2 no mercies/ultimates per character, but preferably 3.

9. Update the menus (and perhaps also VS screen) to give them a more classic KI.

10. Implement stage finishers

11. Bring back some classic stages, or at least have the option to use the classic KI themes in all gameplay modes, and not just for practice. They currently cost far too much KP for them to be only used in practice mode.

12. Don't give most of the season 2 characters a unique meter like Fulgore, as giving them one will make it look like there is a major discrepancy between the newly added characters, and the original 6 launch characters. Which will give the game a very disjointed and inconsistent feel. No more than one (or two at the most) of the season 2 characters should have their own unique meter.

13. Add the ability to customise the colour of accessories.


2. T.J Combo, Riptor, Cinder

3. Please be faithful to the above characters, at the moment only Thunder is a well built solid guy, I really hope Tusk and Combo will be even bigger or at least the same size, i was really surprised Fulgore was so slim and streamlined.

4. A much deeper story mode with lots of character lore and FMV sequences.

@Jefron27 - No offence intended mate. Wanting to see old characters back doesn't make you a nostalgia warrior - I certainly want to see at least most if not all of Riptor, Cinder and Combo back in S2.

That said, I also want to see classic characters in S3 - and that means having new characters along, and more than just one like in this season. New characters are a good thing in my opinion, although I do want to see plenty of classics, I'd just like a good mix.


Re. 9. I do think the classic menus are better than the new ones, especially the style of character select, although some will disagree.

I think a really sensible route for IG to take would be to offer options.

So rather than take away the old UI and bring in a new one, have option in the settings to switch between the old and the new.

No one ever complains at being given options, and it keeps everyone happy.

@Stefraki: That is a very good idea, they should definitely do that. :) By the way, do the KI devs read these forums?

Me, personally?

I want to see as many non-human characters in this game as possible. That was one of the things that drew me into KI to start with, the fact that it was different from the majority of fighters, where it's just a bunch of humans punching each other. Riptor and Cinder need to kick off season 2, with TJ Combo coming after 1 or 2 new characters. Then have the guys that were introduced in KI2 headlining season 3, with 1 or 2 new (non-human) characters.

I'm not really that caught up on the UI, I think DH did a really good job with it, updating the UI without making it feel like it wan't KI anymore.

NO NERFS. The game is perfectly balanced as is, in my opinion. There are things that are very annoying, but nothing is broken, it can all be worked around.

Bug fixes, the ovbious.

For the love of God fix the "classic" costumes. Sabrewulf's classic specifically. He still looks like a hairless rat. That's a problem.

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