Wish I could play mw3 right now

I HAD to go on vacation the day mw3 comes out so it's at my doorsteps right now so is there anything you want to say about mw3 like good stuff or bad things about it for someone who hasn't played it yet?

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Yeah, thanks for the free game off your steps.

HA! I come through yo window and snatch all yo Duty up!

I played last night. Won't be able to play for quite a while now. Sucks. Everybody's gonna be droppin bouncin betties and kickin *** and I'm gonna be stuck playin catch up. :(

It's good. Sad to see some BO things go. It's really fast paced. Haven't seen a huge map yet and the levels are maze-like so far (pretty tight). Spawns are close too, so it's pretty much balls to the wall action, non stop. Hit detection seems super clean. Only had one issue with lag so far. For release night, that's pretty good.

Basically just more Modern Warfare that feels and plays a little different here and there.

I took it in my LOCKED house before I left

Its fun. If you liked the previous call of duties you'll like this one. That's about all there is to say.

I wish I could too, im at work right now. Its a lot of fun, if you like MW2, you should like this one. My only complaints so far are tht I think this COD has the worst spawns of the series, and there is some weapon balancing that needs to happen as Ive had strange things go on while I played. I sniped someone across the map with a MP5 with 2 shots, but then up close another guy took several. That happened a few times and I can only speculate why.