Wish I could have a favorite radio station for playlists

Now I get that when I steal a car, the radio station is random, but as for when I join a job playlist, I wish I pick my favorite radio station rather than the high energy spanish channel it always seems to start with.  Have to start each playlist flipping through channels.  Seems like my favorite channel should also be in my personal vehicles, unless my mechanic is doing it.


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It's not a big deal but I agree it is annoying. I would agree to this idea.


R* should implement a method that keeps track of the frequency of how often and long you pick/play a particular radio station. If you like Rebel Radio, the game would keep track of how long you play it while in the vehicle while in GTA: O. The more you play that Radio Station, the more frequent that Radio Station will be selected automatically for you in Playlists, Missions, and when you enter a vehicle.

I hope additional tracks are introduced soon, or we are allowed to use the music stored on my hard drive.

 Every time I pull into La Customs I have radio station A on and when I come out its radio station B =/

At least they can do is when I go into a lobby or one of my personal cars, just put it on the last radio station I had it on.  Seems simple enough, the game remembers what clothes my character was wearing.