wired controller problem

not sure if this happens to anyone else. it started happening to me a few days ago. it seems my controller's messed up. if i'm in a match and go to highlight reel the red ball, or whatever it is, will go til i stop it. but then if i stop it it'll keep going then go back. i hope someone knows what i mean. also, whoever i am in a match, i end up all over the place and, if i try going to the ropes to go to the floor, i just bounce off them. what can i do? it's maddening. i hope i don't need a new one.


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Unfortunately it does sound like a controller issue, if you can borrow one from a friend try that and see to make sure before you go drop the cash on a new controller or even a used one, that way your not wasting extra money, but I have not had this issue or really heard of it on these forums or the 2K WWE 13 forums, but im also using a wireless controller so.

can't borrow one and i don't believe i have an extra one. oh, well. thanks.

have you found anything out brm2005??

found out anything? like?

sorry, with the controller issue you were having...