Wipeout Kinect Review

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Does the game live up to the TV show?

Activision have decided that Wipeout is such a great TV show that it deserves its own game. I agree that on paper the game show would make a great Kinect game. Can they translate that well enough into a video game. No. Simply put, this game is terrible. I’m not going to sugar coat anything, it is the poorest made Kinect game we have played.


Single Player

Wipeout is broken down into stages based on difficulty. You play through the easy rounds, to unlock medium, beat medium to unlock hard and then you beat the game. The game plays out just like the show, you run through the qualifier obstacle course, then you compete in the eliminator round to get to the final zone where the fastest person wins. It does a good job at staying true to the show even including the two John hosts and Jill the interview girl.

All of your favorite games are here as well. From Big Balls, to Sucker Punch and Smackwall Sweeper. They are hilarious to watch on the show, who doesn’t love watching someone bounce off those huge balls?


The problem is that the game just does not work. It has the poorest motion tracking yet for a kinect game. It tells you to crouch and you do, then while you are crouching, your avatar will just stand up and get knocked off and you have to try again. Or you jump and it doesn’t jump and you get knocked off and you try again, along the way increasing your qualifying time, making it extremely hard to win, even in the easy stages. We also found that your character will just stop running altogether even though you are still running.

We have tried in the day time, at night-time, with different people of height and weight, recalibrating Kinect  and it still performs so inadequately, we wanted to pick up a controller and break it.

We also know our Kinects are not broken as without changing anything about the environment, Kinect Sports and other games worked flawlessly.


You can play with up to 3 other people offline, but seriously why would you want to make your friends mad by showing them such a lousy game.
How are you supposed to even earn the achievements when the game doesn’t work? The achievements they tease you with are for beating the different difficulty stages and for doing random things with different avatars. It’s not a very fun mix even you manage to get it to work at all. Good luck with that.
Closing Comments
If Activision had put a bit more than what seems like $100 into the development, they probably could have had a fun game. Wipeout the TV show is entertaining and should make for a great Kinect game. Sadly they didn’t seem to care and what we get is what we can only assume is an awful attempt to cash in on a name. Don’t be fooled, it’s not worth even renting.
Score: 1/10
Published by: Activision
Developed by: Activision
Release Date: 6/14/2011
Multiplayer: 4 player offline only
Co-op: None

Does anyone even watch the show? Never heard of it until recently and heard they were coming with a Kinect game which from the start i could tell it wasn't going to go well.

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More Kinect garbage into the bonfire.

While I agree that the motion tracking is a bit wonky I would say that if anyone was good at and enjoyed the Doritos Crash Course XBLA game then Wipeout in the Zone is definitely worth checking out. Personally, it's fairly difficult but that may have to do with our KINECT setup and our general ability to properly play the game. Both games come from the same developer and are virtually the same.


If you didn't enjoy the Doritos Crash Course XBLA game then Wipeout in the Zone is NOT for you.


Was never very good at Crash Course. Wipeout in the Zone will definitely kick your butt and make your sweat.

I'm shocked that they would create this fascinating piece of technology and then poorly translate game shows for a quick buck. How cuold they allow this to happen?

I have a better Wipeout game on PS3.  And I got it for free.

haha Good one !

I just got the game and I think it's great. Of course you have to do the Tutorial or "Tryouts" to fully understand how to navigate through the game but once you get the hang of it, it's great!

More kinect games plox M$. It's clearly what the gamers want

Worst game ever !! Full lag. Impossible to play. Why Microsoft xbox guys let this game on the market?

Please, Microsoft,  do a update!