Windows 10 - Minecraft Beta now open

So...if you bought the PC version, you can do the Windows 10 Minecraft Beta for free.  Just go to, dig a little, and find the are in! :)

I'm playing it right now.  Lots of issues.  That's why it's a beta.

I'd like to try to add someone in my Win10 Minecraft beta game.  Add me.

So far it's like pocket version, with extra features.

This is what I got done so far:

Can't make steps, piston, and item frames.
Something happens when the world does a mysterious refresh while you are playing and knocks previously generated flowers and planted pumpkin seeds. (highly recommend all pumpkin farms go underground)
F3 does not activate coord's, but F5 will change your view.
If you open a chest with an egg equipped, you accidentally throw it.
When you clear your hot bars to harvest wheat and plant seeds, the wheat hops from your inventory to your hot bars where you wanted the seeds to go.


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found an emo song for the beta "The Story 2 - Fix You" by  Cranius Presents

/tear (sings) we will try-i-i-and-i will try to fix you.

Crud, I just got my thread locked down on Curse.  There is no multiplayer support for Windows 10 Minecraft Beta.  Such an animal does not even exist. :(

Multiplayer only for lan or WiFi right now?

you know...realms tab is broken, friends tab is broken, gold/live is broken, party is broken, recently played games in the xbox app is broken.

BUT...there is a switch that says LAN, and it does work.

I might be burned out on beta.  So much is just not there.


Lost progress on exit.  Quit to title didn't save?

Spawners don't have monsters.

Opened a double chest and it was a single chest.

Second crash.

Iron Golem despawned in my house.

When you return to an area, fenced animals will lose their coordinates, and spawn outside of the fences.

Rotten Flesh is dog food, but you can't feed it to dogs.

You can't make an enchanting table.

The lag that everyone experiences in the nether on the xbox 360 and the PC version, makes you auto-run in the nether.

Never seen a gasp in the nether.

Cannot make an enchanting table.

Found a village...with no villagers.

Today the skeleton spawner worked!  Found a working spider spawner in the jungle.  No cats.  No apples.  No enchanting table.  You like, can't get the achievements listed in the beta.  It's like World of 40man raid!  But no one does it because everyone steals the loot and the GM's won't do anything about it for...10 years.