Window 8 and WP8 - Not In Sync / Different Games

I updated my Surface to Win 8.1 update 1 - and then there was an update to AlphaJax.

Now on my WP8, Alphajax is the way it was before the Surface update - normal.

However, on the Surface - AlphaJax is acting like I am on a new profile. I have new games starting up, all my previous history is lost, the ongoing games on the WP8 are not available on the Surface, and all new games started on the surface are not available in the WP8.

Also, I have internet connection (via WiFi) on the Surface - however, every time I start AlphaJax - flashes "Retrieving User Info".. then my Xbox live handle and pic show up on the top right, and then a white box with an error message "Error You need an internet connection in order to play. Please make sure you connection is working or try again later.". Like I said, there is a connection, and I can play others.

Lastly, on the surface - my achievements are still there (correctly).  I have also uninstalled/reinstalled - with no luck.


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I am having the exact same issues. Please help!


Same issue here, between my Windows 8.1 PC and my Lumia 1020. Since the updated my PC can't see any of my old games or anything I'm currently playing on the phone.

The main reason I played Alphajax so much is that I could easily continue games no matter whether I was at my PC, or out with my phone.

Another user suggested that we could uninstall the app on our laptop / PCs and then go to the store and install it again.

It worked for me, but because I played during the period between the update and the fix for the update, a couple of leaderboard values are a bit strange. And all the games I played in the "dark period" between the first update and the subsequent fix have disappeared.

Even though I originally tried the uninstall and re-install method (which didn't work) - I tried it again after reading AvailingJam0105's post; and, it works now.  I am still getting the connection error I mentioned in my post at the beginning; but for now, after uninstall and reinstall - only on the desktop, it is in sync with the phone again.

Glad the solution has helped you ForbiddenSAS.

I think the developers have delivered a number of small updates to resolve separate elements of the bugs, sorry "features", they introduced.  It took one more day after the reinstall for the connection error message to disappear for me and there is now only one incorrect value showing amid the various statistics pages.