win awarded due to opponent disqualification

If you look at the list of people you've played, online, there's a column that says "win awarded due to opponent disqualification" and there's a "yes" or "no".  Anyone know what this means?


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Hmmm...I would imagine it is trying to red flag certain games as a possible glitch out, so people can avoid playing someone that wins mostly due to DQ's or so they can track excessive DQ wins.  However, that information is typically not available at match up screens and thus pointless.  I will have to check this out when online tonight.

No, all the games got completed-no one got booted.  If you go to the leaderboard, and then compare vs your friends, you'll see it under "history".

If you go offsides 3 times in a row you get booted, I would assume it has something to do with situations like that