Win 3 MP matches of any game type on each

is there a glitch cause im sure ive won 3 mp on those mps 


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I believe its 5 games in each game type. (Conflict, Decoy, Seige, Sabotage)


 There are two achievments, one for playing 5 games of each mode, but the OP is talking about the other ones. Each of the MP maps is set in one of three catagories ( I believe artic, north sea and Africa) there is an achievment for winning three mp matches one all the maps in each catagory; and another for winning 3 games on all maps for a total of 4 achievments

OK. The Tour of Duty acheivements.  3 wins on every MP map.

To the OP, just keep playing. They'll eventually unlock.

Its too bad there isn't any way to track the wins. None that I know of anyway.

you can find a lot of ur stats here. Some say thees are not correct tho so some stats may be missing or wrong.

altho I think its total. Like if you leave the game early or get kicked they still count here. but not ingame