Willing to trade weapons or money for "long hair" :)

i've been looking for long hair for a while with no success if anyone has extras hit me up im willing to trade lots of money or other.


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hey i havent been on fable three in a while but i might have it i only need like 2 things to complete the achievement for clothes and i have the majority of the weapons and tons of money so if any one is willing to trade items to get achievements my gamertag is iCHUG BREW

hey if you dont mind throwing one of the long hairs my way i'd apprciate it. what clothing do you need maybe i have it on one of my characters.

i just sold it yesterday --- didnt realize there was a demand for it

^---- so did i

Send me a message I am on now I can get it for you.

I have been desperately looking for it, even bought the Understone quest pack JUST for the chance of getting it, but didn't realize that the evil choice prevented it completely....this sux.  If anyone is willing to trade it to me for gold (or the limited amount of stuff I have on this character) I would be forever thankful!!  I'm on right now (and probably will be most of the day).  gamertag: otakufangirl

I have it, i am willing to trade for weapons. I need a LOT of weapons which one of you guys probably have.

I need -

Avo's Lamentation

Beadle's Cutlass

Really Sharp Pair of Scissors


The Swinging Sword



Hammer of Wilmageddon

Jack's Hammer

Mallett's Mallet

Sorrow's Fist

TAnner's Glory

The Tenderizer



Briar's Blaster


Dragonstomper .48

The Ice Maiden

Tee Killer Shooter

Arkwright's Flintlock

The Equalizer

The Sandgoose

The Shrieking Pilgrim

Simmons's Shogunate

Skorm's Justice

Seeing as the long hair is hard to come by, i will trade it for 3 of these weapons.

Found "long hair" the correct one this time. I need the hammer the TYPO and am willing to trade for it.

Ive just been trying to do the relogg thingy where you can open the same chest multiple times and it gives random stuff everytime for like 7 hours and i still havent found that damn hairstyle so if anyone have it say what your terms are and a will trade it i noticed some ppl in here wanna trade for weapons and i got quite a few rare ones so reply as fast as possible ^^

Long Hair for Free. If you're looking for long hair then message me on XBL, not this forum, then you can buy as many as want from the under ground shop.

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