Will you be buying Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition?

As the subject states... Will you be buying the game once it comes out for Xbox LIVE Arcade? What are you thoughts on the game? Do you think it will be good, bad, or something you'll purchase later on. I'd like to hear your thoughts or simply state, why you're a fan or if you're not a fan of the game.


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Never played it.  You can already pre-order on PSN.  I think you get a discount.

I might know once I play the trial.

No buy for me.

I'm a huge SF fan and have SF4, SSF4, and SSF4 AE , as well as the original street fighter for PC, street fighter 2, SF2T SSF2T and all the alphas and you get the point

But I m not into buying the live arcade street fighter games since I played those games years ago and dont need to rebuy them today.

I played SF3 2nd impact and third strike to death and have moved on to SF4

Yea, both of you have a great point. I do miss the old school games but I know in the end most users will stick with newer versions.

Depends on the price. Capcom always trys to beast.

I'm definitely buying.  Between 1998 and 2006 Street Fighter III: Third Strike was pretty much the only game I played.  I didn't have a console during those years so I just played at arcades and even competed in tournaments both locally (Vancouver, BC) and in the US (Washington and Oregon). 

I remember that when I was still learning the ins and outs of the game I'd spend roughly $20 a day.  It wasn't even because I'd be losing to the other people playing.  It was more because I'd just play through Arcade Mode over and over just to get my combos and set ups down.  This was prior to the game being released on PS2 and Xbox so there was no option for training mode.

We used to have a thriving scene here for the game but arcades have started to die down most everywhere.  There's probably only one arcade left here that has Street Fighter III: Third Strike and with everyone having different schedules nowadays, we can't really have the meets we had before.  With Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, my friends and I can once again have our money matches, etc. but from the comfort of our homes.

Definitely!!! Can't wait! :D

Yes....yes i am

It will be 1200 msp.

Got a good review on IGN.

Gonna get it. Need points.

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