Will unistalling erase all of my game saves?

So I went to the midnight release for Skyrim with my cousin, he got it for PC, I got it for XBOX 360, so I just used his xbox and just brought my HD. So I noticed the load times were a bit longer playing on my xbox so I decided to check if it was playing from my HD, it wasn't. I got this message saying that I need to delete the game and reinstall it. Will this delete my game saves too? This is the first game I've installed on my HD and don't want to lose all of my saves.


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It will just delete the game off the hard drive. Your saves are separate from the game. So no, you will be fine.

The file will be somewhere around 3.8 GB from what I have seen. Your saves will be much smaller.

I've thought about uninstalling it from my HDD, but I'll take lower resolutions over a broken disc drive any day of the week. Please Bethesda, hurry up and fix it!