will two xbox 360 gaming online on the same internet connection cause lag?

Well let me first start off by saying my brother  wants to get a 360 slim, I have a 360. we both share a internet connection of 12mb and 678k upload. Im scared if he gets it it will cause lag on my and his end since games use upload speed. he will connect wirelessly and Im connected wired. He wants to play MW2 and me Bad Company 2 or my copy of MW2. Any advice? I was thinking of upgrading to 2mb upload if that helps.


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My cousin and I use to hook up on the same connection all the time. Not sure what his speed was. But we never had problems

It shouldn't be a problem.

There may be some nat issues. But those can be resolved.

thanks guys!

yeah shouldnt really be a problem.  me an my brotherinlaw do the same with our boxys. not had a problem so far

Plenty of bandwidth for several 360s.

I would think a computer using the connection while your gaming could induce the most latency and dropped packets. Most of the time though a simple setting in a router called quality of service QOS means you can set things up so the consoles are always priority one and traffic for anything else will wait. You can also put one 360 ahead of the other if one is used to watch netlfix or any streaming media it can be put behind the 360 doing multiplayer.

You shouldn't notice any problems. I have cable internet and have 3 different 360's running at the same time plus 3 computers and I've never had any problems. As long as you have a good router, wireless or wired, it should maintain a good speed for all the systems that are in use.

We've got three 360s, a PS3, a Wii, three PCs and a Wi-Fi enabled Blu-ray player all running off the same router/internet connection (Road Runner) with no issues. Of course, they're not all running at the same time, but the desktop is pretty much always on & connected, and we have had that and all three 360's going at once without any problems.

Well I decided to upgrade my upload speed to 2mb. I know it will be okay but for peace of mind I am upgrading to 2mb upload speed and keep 12mb download speed.  Thanks everyone and my bro is getting the 360 next week.