Will these maps be vehicle friendly?

The coke bottle style maps of bc2 with little to no vehicles didnt do it for me. The only map ive seen on youtube is with the player running through a subway train, which looks to be the same old run and gun crap from bc2. Has anyone seen any maps for this that look like they are from a real battlefield game? If there isnt gonna be lots of vehicles with wide open maps for them to play on I dont wanna waste my money. Thanks.


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The PC version of the game has 64 player battles in a 10x bigger map then 360s. Besides that map has a light tank in it.  Don't worry Battlefield 3 is far different then Bad Company.

Nothing is known about the other maps except for some screenshots DICE has released. It's no Battlefield without vehicles.

I dont think theres much wrong with BC2 and i think BF3 will have some awsome maps for vehicles.It has jets!say no more!

I thought the maps in BC2 were well balanced with what vehicles were on them, DICE did a good job in terms of that except for the **** poor Russian AA turrets. I have no doubt that vehicles won't be miss placed in BF3.

If you want to see what maps are probably going to look like, google BF2 maps

i thought the bf2 maps were amazing


Shows tons of vehicles.

Conquest is the mode where the entire map is open at once and you capture various bases around it. In this mode, you will find the majority of vehicles. And since there are 9 maps at launch (source: planetbattlefield.gamespy.com/fullstory.php) there's nothing to worry about.