Will there be predator challenge maps like last time?

I really liked the predator challenge maps. I didn't really get into the combat maps. I did complete the combat maps but I preferred the stealth. I know I may be sadistic but I enjoy scaring Joker's goons when they're "all alone in that big scary hospital." HA HA HA HA!

What do you prefer? Predator challenge maps or combat challenge maps?


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I saw the term "Stealth Challenges" in one article which is most likely the "new" Predator Challenges, I definitely prefered the Predator Challenges in the first game...:-)

Yeah I liked the predator maps better. Mostly because I found it extremely hard to get to the top score needed on the harder combat maps.

I prefer the predator challenge maps too.

me too.

Predator maps were badass. Combat maps are what keep me coming back. I've already beaten the story of AA about 6 times, so now I just really enjoy beating the crap outta boatloads of armed thugs. It feels so nice when you can rack up a 30 multiplier.


Also, I like to try and get all 9 combat moves (and a 5000 point bonus) into every round of a challenge map. Of course, I don't always get all 9 moves in, but I'm always trying, and it's hella fun.