Will there be new purchasable items with Crowns in the store?

seems like a game of this magnitude would have a much larger store. Can we expect more items for purchase with Crowns? Well doesn anyone know anyway.?


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I am sure there will be but i am disappointed there is not more like costumes or selling them separate because there are 1 or 2 i like but the other 2 in the set are horrible and i am not paying for that and i just upgraded so i can use imperial character but its pathetic i thought i could make a character on my account but it only lets you on one server so know i am tied to the EU servers no matter what because its all tied there . what a horrible system they have its one of the worst i have seen from wow to everquest . tying your unlocks to a server not account alone so if i want a imperial on NA server i have spend another $30 LOL what a joke.

As long as they dont add any pay to win items I will be okay with more items in the store. I also hope as they add new items they remove old ones. I hate stores like guild wars and neverwinter. They are cluttered with useless items no one will ever buy again. Tera does it right. The only items in the store are vanity...gambling lockboxes for chances at amazing in game items that can also be sold on the auction house and new mounts. Not even potions. Its just fun items that people will spend money on to say they look good or to get a gambling fix and a shot at super rare mounts or costumes.