Will There Be Auto-Aim?

Strictly for single-player of course, does anyone know for sure yet if this feature will be in the game?


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I dont know for sure.  I would say yes....you never know.

As long as they have the option to turn it on/off, I've got no problem with it being included.

better not,if it does hope its just for SP not MP or they can stick it where cod/halo and all the other nub games belong.in the noskilled kiddies section. aa ruins  multiplayer.  If you cant aim why play shooters..... such a long list of great games wrecked by aa its no longer funny

Actually BaggyRelbo, there's no MP for Saints Row The Third. It's been confirmed (and common knowledge for awhile now) that Volition axed MP to focus on making a great SP/Co-op mode. I don't really care if they add Auto-aim or not, just as long as we can turn it off if we don't want to use it (Like I said in my earlier post).

I don't think so no game play iv'e seen used auto aim i'm not to sure if the awesome button will do it it seems to do a lot of things!.