Will the Zoo Limit be increased anytime soon?

I've been playing this game too much or something because it bugs me that the zoo limit is so low. I'm pretty sure other players feel the same way since this topic is found on other boards and communities too.

Anyway, are there plans to update the game so that the limit is increased anytime soon? 

The game was developed by Frontier Development and published by Microsoft Studios. I'm not sure who's responsible for future content and updates and neither have responded to players about it.


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I'd be interested in the answer to this as well

I've been wondering this too. I think the limit should stay in campaign mode but should be removed or increased for free mode. Free mode already has infinite money so that way you'd be keeping the campaign challenging (I thought it had just the right amount of difficulty when I played through it - not too easy and not too hard) whilst pleasing those that want sprawling zoo's in free play.

Maybe soon we will get an answer *hopes* :P

I would really like to know if this is planned as one of the patches as well!

The problem is Frontier tells us to contact Microsoft and Microsoft tells us to contact Frontier. It's an endless circle that results in no answers.

The Zoo Limit should definitely be addressed in the Xbox One version of the game given the specs compared to the Xbox 360. At the very least for the Free mode as previously suggested.

It's a fun game but trying to farm/max/maintain a big/varied Zoo is impossible.

Do you have a source to Microsoft directing requests to the developer?

I haven't seen much attention to the game from Microsoft. I actually didn't expect the recent DLC release either. Is there a place where they talk about the game?

I agree, the zoo limit needs to be raised. Considering that the XBOX One should be able to handle it.

i agree to , the Zoo Limit zre too much small for try all animals ,can you fix the limit microsoft please thank

I have to say that this limit, having read several reviews has put me off buying the game.

The zoo limit is a game breaker for me. I stopped playing as soon as I hit it.                                                                                                                                                  I would have bought all the add ons, but with such a tiny zoo it's pointless.

Exactly.  Having to sell habitats to put in smaller habitats is stupid.  Every damn zoo ends up looking the same since you need to optimize and only put in small enclosures.  Ridiculously poorly thought out game.  Could have been so much more

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