Will the online experience be like FM2 or FM3? I hope it is the former!

While I played FM1 and FM2 to death, I hardly spent much time in FM3 due to stupid online strategy. The only new feature I liked in FM3 was the storefront. Turn10 please listen to your customers. There is a reason why more people are still online playing FM2 than FM3.

If I want to do 75 laps in Nurburgring in an F class car, it is up to me and my friends and not Turn 10. Let the host select what he wants to race and how . If drafting negates a good lap, take it out of the friggin game. If just touching the grass on the Ring in one corner of the hundreds in that course, or if another car touches mine and invalidates my lap, *** that. Make it so that the edges act like kitty litter and actually slow you down considerably instead of invalidating it. Give me a garage that holds as many cars as I like to buy, not just the number of cars in the game. Keep the tuning selection from FM2. Why do my tuning set ups for all cars show up instead of the one I am in? What will I do with a Range Rover setup when I am in a Carrera? Turn off those starting videos with the Turn10 graphics when you start the game. They turn old pretty fast. Don't do the stupid revving during the start of a race over which I have no control. Bring back the old test track. Make the graph decimal based when selecting gear ratios. It would be a lot easier to tune if I know that each point equals 10 mph instead of having to divide 175 by 17.

There are a gazillion other small things like that that just start adding up to the frustration of playing. Don't get me wrong, I like the game, but if the online experience is anything like FM3 instead of FM2 without the glitches, I will give the game a pass.


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Custom lobbies are back so you're in luck with that one but i'm not sure on some of your other points. are you saying drafting shouldn't negate the lap?

You do realise that if you press 'start' when looking at your set ups that will then show just the set ups for the one car? Also, If you use manual with clutch the auto revving at the start of a race is no more and you have full control.