Will the Cloud allow for persistent worlds?

The 360 version had your worlds only active if you were online and currently in them. I would like to see persistent worlds become an option if the Cloud allows for it.

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Agreed, would be great if they do this.

This would be a great feature, it could also help the xb1 have unlimited worlds, due to cloud storage.

and yet you dont even wonder what keeps us from using an updated browser to play the full on game.    OR simply a TU alloowing us to join PC servers or even a launch date

 The problem with connecting to PC servers is that it opens the console up to viruses,and the last thing you want to have is a console that is bricked because of a virus.

There can always be the actual pc version just make a xbox one launcher that connects to pc

-so long as microsoft always hold the highes protection and security-

Let them post links to buy texture packs that is worth the money for saftey.

Its quite simple if you think about it protection since we pay for gold.

They post and update a stream of security that covers not one but all users EFFECTIVE

Buy any existing download to support microsoft in turn its a safe guarentee

You can play minecraft on about any pc well 1 is an 8 core processor 8G ram most pc are less than 2G ram and dont have a core worth squat.

Well you ask what about the typing or control configuration

Bundle pack merchandise

Voice reading

Controler text

Xbox hosted controler config obviously maybe they can sponsor X-Padder

We got specs to kill

We got a massive community

They got the ability if they would want to go that route

Yes I know I typed to fast so it missed some things. But it will get the point across..............-_-....hopefully

I really hope they incorporate this feature!

Did I dream that this was going to be a feature of the next gen version? We really need this.