Will the bad news ever end?

Surely we Xbox owners are due some good news? It seems to have been ages since we've had something to celebrate, something unexpected.

All we get now is bad news, especially regarding multiplatform games. The latest casulty of Microsofts selfishness is Valve's Counter Strike.

Whilst PC, MAC and PS3 owners get to compete with one and other, all using KB&M (PS3 also gets MOVE support) The Xbox community is restricted to it's own little bubble, and ONLY being compatible with gamepads. A game like CS with gamepads? Ridiculous.


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its not a bad thing to only be able to play with other people on xbox thats a damn good thing PC would kick our asses so hard it would be ridiculous.

They want the playing field to be leveled.

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Quite honestly im glad I wont be put up against PC players - ESPECIALLY on counter strike. Us console players would get destroyed.

The matchmaking system pits you against users with the same skill level, regaerdless of controller method, besides the playing field would be even(more so) if MS, like Sony, allowed you to use KB&M,not to mention due to MS we won't be getting regular updates like all Valve PC titles, missing out on tons of free content, whereas the PC and PS3 will be recieveing it all.

It's all ridiculous since MS have already allowed PC vs Xbox play on older games, like Shaowrun, It's not nothing to do with even playing field, they just want full control of anything on Live, at the cost of having the significantly poorer version of a popular title. Them have the audacity to ask us to pay a montly subsciption

I think you'll find xbox players on Shadowrun were heavily outclassed by PC players.

Besides why would I want to play against PC/PS3 players anyway? There's plenty of people to play against on Xbox LIVE.

Yes and they learned a hard lesson letting us play against PC players.  Even the best console player is at a huge disadvantage against your average PC player.  KB&M is just way more accurate than a controller.  And since I prefer using a controller I have no problem with MS doing this.  I do wish that they would allow Valve to give its MS customer the free content you get on other platforms though.  

[quote user="SwIZzZ BeatZzZ"]A game like CS with gamepads? Ridiculous.[/quote]So, a first-person shooter using a controller is ridiculous? Did I get that right? Does that mean Counter-Strike on the original Xbox is the worst game ever made?

You're right, that in normal circumstances console owners are at a disatvantage, but Valve has said KB&M will also be supported by the PS3, along with MOVE. The Xbox could also take advantage of this, had MS not been so tight with their service. Plus a KB&M into the Xbox, and it'll have limited support, but nothing a tiny update wouldnt fix. I used Shadowrun as an example that is has nothing to dow ith level playing field, it's just MS want to have full control of everything on Live, restricting it quite a lot. These restrictions will become apparent as time goes on.

I don't want KB&M to be used on the 360(or PS3 for that matter).  I prefer using the controller and have no interest in playing against people with an advantage over me.  If you want KB&M then play on PC.  I consider it cheating to use one on consoles.  I will agree that its probably MS wanting to control everything though.  


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