Will QTE's please die

The quick time events in this campaign were stupid. If they want to play a cut scene, play the cut scene. Hitting a button every 15 seconds does not pull me into the action of the cut scene. I do like the cutscenes where you can look around and whatnot (like the Jet level before combat).

Here i am watching a pretty cool cutscene and then i need to nearly drop my beer to hit the LB button.

I remember when CoD:3 started doing that stupid thing where you had to wrestle with an enemy and go through a quick time event. I thought it was stupid then and i thought it was even more stupid when it happened twice per level in this game.

Other than that, a very solid Campaign. My fav FPS campaign since MW2.


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I have to agree. When it goes to a cut scene I think, "time for a bite of my sandwich or drink of my coke". Got 2 hands on my sandwich halfway to my face and all of the sudden I got a big red B button flashing on my screen. 2 choices, finish your bite and die or wear your sandwich and live.


The only thing that bothered me about the quick time events in this game is that the button prompt was huge and right in front of the screen which takes me out of the game completely. Should have been a smaller prompt and in one of the bottom corners.