Will Old Worlds Be Able to Do End Game?

So I have put countless hours into one game world... and when I went into creative mode to throw the eye of the ender around to find a fortress or stronghold it did not respond unlike any new worlds that I have made, where it does respond. So my question now is this... have I wasted all of my time? Will I not be able to play end game simply because it was a pre update world? I certainly hope not... I dont want to start over again after all the effort I've put in. :-(


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I feel your pain. I too have built a city pre-update, only to realize that the new update wouldn't apply. I built a city that will never have villagers and don't have the ability to brew.

To answer your question, if you have a creative map that doesn't throw Eyes of Ender, it doesn't mean you don't have a stronghold, it means you don't have an end portal frame.

I made a creative map using the same seed pre-update and the Eyes of Ender wouldn't throw. When the new update came out, the same seed produced a different map, though there were a lot of similarities. I threw the Eyes and they worked. I wrote the coordinates and in my pre-update world, a tiny stronghold was at that location, with nothing but a couple of rooms. No portals, libraries, jails, chests, etc.

I imagine your world is the same.

[quote]In older worlds, generated before 1.9 Pre-release 3, the eyes may mislead you to a place where there isn't a Stronghold at all. This is most likely because the eyes lead to where a Stronghold should be based on the seed, and seeds generate worlds differently in older versions. Therefore, if you saved the coordinates the eye traveled to in an old world and generated a new world with the same seed, you could travel to those same coordinates and find a stronghold.[/quote]

Is this a new world or an old one? Is the item just not being thrown and used or is it just not taking you to a Stronghold? If it isn't being used then try throwing them only in survival mode.


Also if you are playing for achievements and the newer achievements (supposedly) get added to kill the Ender Dragon you should probably gather supplies and find a Stronghold on a survival only world as your creative mode won't allow you to get the achievement it will still give you the reward though.

You won't be able to find a stronghold in an older world. Best thing to do is go in to creative and make the end portal yourself. Then just wait until next patch till we get the End.

sorry, but no.... 4j has stated that each new update can cause changes to each players already known world.

i expect that if you've got a current world from this last patch that has a End Portal in a Stronghold that it will work on the next patch... any other generated worlds before might have to be reseeded and tested.