Will MW3 Be Banned? UK only

I'm quite annoyed to find out that MW3 might be banned from the uk because of the references to the 7/7 attacks. Whats your opinion on this?

Sureley activision should give you the option to skip the mission like on the first mission of MW2 to stop trauma?





Also whats the BB code to stop me from posting the whole link, to make it say Click here?


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Why was this old thread resurrected?  I might as well comment since it has been brought up.

Getting you news from a tabloid like "The Daily Star" isn't the most reliable source.  If CoD:MW3 was "banned" in UK, why can you pre-order it at:

I think that it's safe to assume that UK stores will be selling it.

@NCR General.  I think the post directly above yours answered that. 

why do the 7/7 attacks HAVE to be included into the game in the first place? whats the point in kicking up a fuss?

the so called 7/7 reference is a tube car being derailed, nothing to do with 7/7 at all

I doubt it will be banned. Too many people over here want the game for them to loose out on the money.

No it won't be banned. It's all part of the hype.

i come from russia and im not affended with the mission ''no russian'' it is a load of bullshit mw3 will not be banned if so i will get it from a defrent contry

I like ixBrandon! He plays my style of games :)

But from recent conversation it may just have a skip content feature from what I've heard............ But I think Activision is kinda in discussion about removing the England scene in the game. Let alone the people who said it could be banned have NO say so.

My only advice: Keep waiting, keep a cool mind & no worries mate :)

Papers running this story are obviously doing so from an uninformed position. They don't know the story line, conext or details yet they run the story to sell papers. Shame on the editor for not pushing back for more substance or evidence first.  

Yerrr.. I agree with the person above me. That's why i don't read that sh!t. -.-

There's no chance of it being banned. Tabloids just like to stir up a minor fuss to sell papers.

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