Will MP work on other accounts?

If I used the MP code on my other account, can I use it on this account since both of them are on the same xbox?

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I don't think so. Things like online passes or redeemable codes for DLC are licensed to the account you're logged on to when you download it. Call Xbox's support number if you want to get a sure answer.

No, DLC can be shared between accounts (as long as it is on the same console), but the MP code is one time use (just like DLC codes). Whatever account you use it on becomes the owner. Since the online pass is not DLC but a redemption to unlock mp access, I'm pretty sure if you use it on one account, the other account will not have multiplayer access.

Yes, it's will transfer over to another account on your Xbox. My girlfriend just made a account on my box and MP works fine.

yeah we have 1 copy of BF3  and I used the online pass on my account.  my son plays MP on his account all the time  and never had to enter another online pass at all.. I believe it now reads an online pass per console etc.

YES, you can. I've been playing on my brothers account too. I only bought the game once. The online pass is activated for your GT and every account on the Xbox it was activated on.