Will Kinect work with any of the Halo games?

I saw an advertisement on a news site for kinect. It was saying, " ...from shooting aliens, to.....blah blah" and showed a scene (still) from Halo Reach.

Does anyone have the Kinect sensor and have you tried it with any Halo games.Does it work online, offline, or not at all?

Just thought I'd ask here first for some answers....rather than being told what a salesman thinks i want to hear just to get a sale.

Thanks for any advice you can give.


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You sure it was Reach? You sure it wasn't Anniversary?


Halo Anniversary has some Kinect functionality. It's not tied to core gameplay.

Kinect on Halo Ce Anniversary just allows you to do simple voice commands.

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Well someone is a huge Halo fan, just saw your recent played games :)

Its only implemented to Halo CE Anniversary, things like throwing a grenade or reloading with voice commands, very simple things. Its more of a novelty really as its not as responsive as your controller.

You also use to to scan items in game and add them to the Halo library. Just a gimmick