Will it have many expensive DLC ?

Is Forza 4 going to be like F3 with lots of missing must-have cars & tracks that they end up trying to jam our throat through expensive DLC ?


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Look for loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of DLC for this game.  They will bleed us dry if we choose to keep shelling out the cash.

Best way to stop it, is to stop buying the DLC.  Money speaks heck of a lot louder then randoms like us on the forums.

DLC is getting WAAAAAAAAY out of hand with games anymore.

There will obviously be DLC heading our way. All great games have many DLCs. Although I think the Forza 4 lineup is much deeper from the start.

Typical response: No one's making you buy it. There are plenty of cars on-disc in Forza 4. Personally, I doubt I'll get any Forza DLC unless it's a car I REALLYREALLY like. I'm sure I'll be able to find 5-10 cars I'll fall in love with on-disc and will focus on. No one NEEDS to have 500+ cars in the game. It's just Turn 10 giving you the option. Giving you variety. Pick and choose.

Turn 10 has already said they plan to release a new DLC pack each month for a year.  That's 12 DLC packs to buy and download!  They can take their DLC and shove it up their quantum singularities.

Loads of DLC does **** me off. Just another way for the developers to bleed more money from the gamers IMO!

400 MS points is "expensive" for 10 premium cars? That's news to me, that's 40 points per car..