Will I get banned?

I have a friend on xbox live who has a modded profile. We play Borderlands 2 together and he offered me some of his guns, but I was worried they were modded and would get me banned if I used them. If the guns are modded and I used them, will I get banned? Or do I need to be the one to do the modding? I just don't want to do anything wrong, but would like an edge in the game. 


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Modding is against Xbox Code of Conduct/Terms of Use. You risk being banned for being in a lobby where someone is modding a game.

Honestly, your chances of getting banned for that are next to nothing from what I've seen. At the same time, I personally would not do it. I believe it falls under the following section of the CoC:

•Do not exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches.

•Do not make unauthorized modifications to your account profile or its contents, to include but not limited to: tenure, Avatar, gamesaves, or Gamerscore.

This is something you would be knowingly taking part in, so technically it is against the CoC. I would just take the time to earn things legitimately. It's a lot more satisfying to earn that gun than to have it given to you anyway.

If you have to question it your better off not doing it.

Honestly, this is just sad. Whether you mod or not you're encouraging it, which should be bannable itself.


Personally, I hope you do get banned.