Will ESO have a main story quest?

Will this game have a main quest line like previous titles?  I have read lots of how the pvp will work and how we will be able to clear out caves and do side quests with others.  Also have a few other questions if they can be answered.

1) How will the open world work?  When walking or traveling from place to place will I encounter others in the form of A.I?  Or other online players?  Or a mixture of both?

2) Will their be areas where we will be safe from other players attacking us?  And during quests will it be able for other online players to turn on you and do damage to one another?  

3) For lone wolfs, will we be able to just wander around and do damage when we want to take a break from doing quests and stuff and do some damage when we want to blow off some steam?  Sometimes when playing older titles I liked to just wander in a village or city and kill everyone and when I was done I would quit without saving and reload from a previous save point where it didn't affect my character. 


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1. Yes

2. Yes and no. Peaceful players are just that. Your allies.

3 . maybe, yes there is a lot of predator type beasts, no peaceful NPC's cannot be harmed and the save is from where you exit the game. but yes maybe you can do all that but why? Just get into one of the PvP areas where it is anyones guess how long you will survive.

There is actually quite a lot of dialogue and story/lore in this game. Hence it's a mmo'RPG' and not just a normal mmo. They have put a lot of time and effort into the story so it's not just a gear grind for PVE players.

You will meet a mixture of both AI and online players. The online players will be friendly regardless of alliance in the open world as far as I am aware but that is not the case in PvP flagged areas. Pretty sure you cannot engage others in PvP in the open world.

Even though it is a mmo there is a surprising amount of single player quests/activities such as crafting/gathering and exploring/finding chests and skyshards etc. There is some quests where you may need to get one or two mates to help out and some dungeons where you will need a full party of four but apart from that most of the open world can be soloed. Especially if you are a tank type class/spec.

I have always used and orc, and utilized conjuration and destruction spells.  When going into battle If I use a weapon it is usually a summoned weapon of sorts.  I usually ditch heavy armor for enchanted robes with beefed up magika or health.  

I also would like to add some new questions.

1) We were introduced to a lot of new things in Skyrim such as duel wielding small weapons and spells.  We also had shouts and the ability to use cross bows.  Will ESO have some of these features?  Oblivion had some things that were left out of Skyrim like the ability to roll and build up your jumping ability so you could jump for long distances.  I would like for those to return.  

2)  We had vampires in the last two games and werewolf ability in Skyrim.  Will either or both of those return?

Duel wielding is still there along with most of the magic that I could tell. You can do a roll of sorts. I think they did a dang good job. I did see the use of this little wrist rocket sort of weapon. Also think you can be a Vampire or a werewolf but I'm not sure about that.

Yes you can be a vampire and a werewolf but I think in certain areas or quests, if you want more info check out tamriel foundry, just google it :) it should be in the first page list.