Will Dead Island be a Day 1 purchase for you?

This thread is to share your thoughts on the upcoming game. What you think of it so far from what you've seen from trailer? Will the game be a day one buy or have you pre-ordered? Just keep the topic about zombies/dead island. Can't wait to see how this thread turns out.


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[quote user="herrothomas"]

No way.  It's by a company that's never made an above average game.  Maybe in 2012 sometime if its decent.


Besides, Deus Ex, Red Orchestra 2, Battlefield 3, Forza 4 and Saints Row 3 will have my time.

[/quote]You know, I thought you were just blowin' smoke, but you're right, lol. The best games they've made were the Call of Juarez series, lol.

As my previous comment on L.a Noire and this, the games are nothing alike, I'm saying overhype more often then not leads to disappointment. Do we really need yet another zombie game? Do the settings look nothing like Pannau? All i'm saying is don't get too excited about this.

Yes, and no lag.

Guy on my friends list had it 2 days ago and was in a party with someone else who also had it...

There is news about items for pre-order and the special edition. As for videos featuring the items I don't remember.

Yes including BF3, Goldeneye Reloaded, Ghost Recon Future Soldier. While I want to buy Skyrim I will wait until the price drops as I mostly play multiplayer games rather than single player.

Bound in Blood ran on Techland's Chrome Engine 4. Dead Island runs on the new Chrome Engine 5.

That particular engine isn't very capable according to Eurogamers Digital Foundry:

"It's quite a surprise to see a lack of progress on Techland's part with regards to the overall look of the game, especially since The Cartel is running on the new, more technologically advanced Chrome Engine 5."

If I had to call it I'd say Dead Island is going to be one of those great games trapped in a messy execution. But in this case I would love to be wrong.

No day one purchase for me though...

Not hardly.  I MIGHT rent it...but that'll be next year if I do.

I haven't pre-ordered it, and I'm not that big into zombie games so the chances of me buying it are quite slim. Graphically, it could put a few prospective buyers if it looks like Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Both games are developed on the same engine by the same company, and while The Cartel wasn't bad it wasn't exemplary. If Dead Island looks good I'll consider renting it though. Graphics don't bother me but I know some people will base their opinion on the game's graphical design.

Nice! I'll be sure to see you online @Sword StyIe

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