Will be able to get a head start on Forza 4 if you have Forza 3, but...?

I read somewhere that if you have a Forza 3 profile, you'll have a head start on Forza 4, depending on how many cars in your garage and/or how many credits you have.  I don't remember the specifics.  I recently sold almost all my cars in the AH and I now have a boatload of credits.  Is it going to be better to have a boatload of credits with little cars, or should I buy a whole bunch of cars again with and have only a little money left?


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It will also depend on how far through forza 3 you have got. As for being better off with cars or money... The only thing I read said that you will get a head start depending on how much money you had and how many cars but have seen no indication as to how this will actually work yet.

any updates to this yet?

There are two types of rewards - player loyalty and community loyalty.  Everything you need to know is here: forzamotorsport.net/.../underthehood2

thanks for the link...looks like ill be getting all those cars

i haven`t played it for a while and i am only at level 43,bit of work to do yet.

Thanks for the link.