Will Battlefield 3 be just as good on console?

I'm not talking about graphics. That really obvious PC will have superior graphics. But I'm just wondering will the GAMEPLAY be just as good? I've heard its only 24 people on console while its 64 players on PC thats a big difference. I wanted to get Battlefield 3 for the big scaled battles but I'm not sure if it will be like that on console? 

So what do you guys think. Will there be just as many vehicles and good gameplay on the console?


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It will be good on console. No doubt the PC variant will be better, but by no means will the console game be bad.

But its only 24 players how is the squad thing going to work theres 12 people on ur team thats only like 2 squads why don't they make it AT LEAST 32. Yeah obviously because of graphics and frame rate and crap.

But what about only 24 players? I think for the experience to be good it should be 32 otherwise PC is far superior. I'm very disappointed how is the whole squad system going to work? Thats only 12 people on your team and thats like 2 squads of 5 or like 3 squads of 4. Seriously? At least 32 players. I understand its because of graphics and frame rate or whatever but I would rather have slightly worse graphics and have 32 players with 30fps.

Console version gameplay will be just fine. I haven't seen the 360 version yet but the PS3 beta did have some pretty horrific screen tear. I know this topic isn't about graphics but it's worth noting that the recommended specs for PC are pretty hardcore. An AMD HD 6950 card or Nvidia GTX570 is recomended. Those are the 3rd most powerful single card graphics solutions available. They retail for about 250 a piece. Recommended means you'll need it to play smoothly but you won't even be able to max the game. I think the PC version of Battlefield will be a graphical tour de force. Expect absolutely gorgeous graphics on powerful systems.

I'm ALWAYS LIKE THIS with the amount of players in games. I prefer more players. I was the guy the got M.A.G. I learned my lesson after that since that game was rubbish. Idk why they didn't care to add as many vehicles as I would think they would have added. No tanks at all no jets no ***. Only an apc.

Battlefield 3 is the same thing to me. I'm always thinking about the amount of players in the match.

why does having more players make it better?

^^^^i wonder the same LOL!

Homefront has 32 player games :)

Play that game, *** the other games.

Having played both the pc and xbox betas, I prefer the xbox over pc. Graphics are somewhat worse on xbox, but I was expecting much more out of the pc version, not just a minor difference in lighting for some areas. Gameplay wise, I didn't notice much of a difference between a pc game with 30-40 people and a console game with only 20-24, still just as chaotic. Both the betas are equally glitchy, so making a decision on those grounds doesn't work either.


Overall, I liked the feel of the xbox version better.

The consoles just aren't powerful enough to support a good looking game (graphically), more than 24 total players and all the vehicles/destruction, etc. going on.


12v12 is fine on consoles for Rush, DM, etc. Just not great for Conquest, which I find pretty boring anyway.

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