Will anything carry over from older gears titles?

Just curious if anything will carry over from older gears titles, and if so what?


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SXSW panel confirms no Legacy Unlocks, And the live stream on twitch from the other day shows a lot of info too, links below if y'all want to see them. Warning: it's a 3 hour stream, so I'd recommend skipping around unless you want to see the trailers again. They play through matches of all the modes, and show the options (alternate and 30 sensitivities are back, etc.), this is in the final retail release, so you'll know what we get at launch.

First is the SXSW panel, second is Q&A with the audience (you will cringe at some of the questions), again skip around unless you want to see trailers again, some campaign details. Lastly, this is obviously not my footage, still it's the best I've got and its from the first row of the audience, The third link is to the recording of the live stream I mentioned. Again, they play a lot of matches on all game types: Overrun, FFA, TDM, Domination. No campaign details, and no bots on either team, no idea who they are playing against, think the forum mods (official epic forums not here).




Resets and screen freezes with no support from Epic,yeah,some things will more than likely be carried over.

doubt it, haven't heard of anything yet

guide says character skins and gun skins do, we shall see

Hopefully they actually fixed those things this time. I was also thinking nothing from past gear will unlock new stuff, but because PFC also made Bulletstorm and there is a skin to play as Grayson, I think Bulletstorm will unlock a few things.

I'm glad if not.