Wife can't play the First strike map pack

I have one xbox and have purchased all 3 map packs for black ops. My wife created a xbox account after I had bought First trike pack. When I am not signed in she can only play the two map packs that were purchased while she had an account. Is there a way to remedy this?


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thats weird because I did the same thing pretty much on another gamer tag I have and d/l-ed annihilation, when I log in as this gamertag the map pack works fine.  

Try deleting it off your Hard-Drive and re-downloading it. My girlfriend and I had a similar problem with Halo: 3 and Reach.

Did you initially download that map pack on your current console?

Digi. I just recently changed consoles. I think first strike was downloaded on the old one. I just noticed that under my wifes profile all my arcade games are trials as well. What do I do to fix this. Can it be fixed?

You need to do a DRM transfer. Essentially, you can access your DLC content by being signed into the Gtag that purchased it or by any Gtag that is signed in to the console you originally downloaded it to. If you switch consoles, your licenses are stored on your old Xbox and your new Xbox won't recognize you own the content unless you are signed in with the Gtag that purchased it. If you transfer the licenses to your new console, the issue will be resolved and your wife will be able to play your DLC on her Gtag. Go to xbox.com/drm for directions/info.