Wierd NV goal of mine...

Ever since I played Fallout 3, I've had a weird obsession with making a complete pool table setup.  You know, all of the balls in the right order in the triangle with a cue ball and cue stick ready to go.  However, I can't seem to find more than just a few of them.  I've checked a lot of places where you can find pool equipment, and only seem to find the same ones.  And I believe they are the same ones that you find in the pool table in the Lucky 38 (which add up to 38).  Has anyone does this before without a mod?


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I've never found a full set of pool balls yet. I don't think the full set exists.

I just went into the vault with all the Fiends and went into the storage room.  Like 50 pool cues and two boxes of pool balls.  All of them are the same ones.  All add up to 38. My goal will have to wait until the next Fallout...

That is a weird goal! You made me chuckle, thank you for that sir.

According to the wiki, only the 2, 5, 8, 10, 13, and the cue ball are in the game.  Guess they figured nobody would notice.

That is kind of funny, since they were always the same even from FO3 and add up to 38. I never noticed that until now. Thanks!

My goal may never be fufilled...:(

Most of the pool balls and cue sticks are found in the vaults for both games. Check Benny's casino, in his room there's a complete set.