Maybe I'm being negative, but why are countless people trying to upload their 30 seconds of recorded 'epic skillzzz' on Youtube? There are 1000's and 1000's of COD videos out there already, hardly any of them are unique as it is.

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Maybe so they can view them again when they feel like it?

because they can. because they want to be able to say  i have a cod video on you tube. what ever floats your boat.

perhaps for them, they are proud of it - i know i would be if i had a really good game! (a rare event :p )

Frankly it is a feature that is not used to the full extent but it is nice to have.

They want their 15 seconds of fame.

All fair comments, but then this leads me to ask did anyone join Youtube just to upload their videos?

  I guess its just as fair asking why anyone would care.



   Some people like uploading clips to youtube, while others spend their time analyzing other people's actions.


   Its like how people complain about campers sayig they couldnt be having any fun. Its just people have different likes and dislikes. I was in a match last night where a guy was moaning the whole time about campers. It wasnt the problem that they messed up his game or anything. He was just upset because the campers couldnt be having fun. Meanwhile I laid there on the ground with all kinds of gunbattles directly behind me just waiting to pick off the strays ........... smiling about his incessant complaining.

     I was having fun, and wondering how he could be having fun playing a game worrying so much about whethers others were having fun or not..

op you are being negative 

 being able to link vids to youtube acc's  cangive you more enjoyment from the game

also people i know like to see these things in games and i enjoy watching their vids  --- well some of them

 i just wish mw2 had this feature because i had many epic moments in that game