Why would I be mute banned?

I know how mute bans work, but this really doesn't make sense.

For one, I only talk online when I'm running the MLG playlist with options. Otherwise, I don't say anything.

Secondly, I mute the other team in the playlist so that I don't have to hear the other team as I/we are playing. They normally do the same with me, so that's just the way it is.

I had another account at one point, and it was fine. But why all the sudden that this GT is mute banned? I can't have this. I need help.


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Just for my own good, how do you know if you're mute banned?

You mute them/they mute you? That's your problem. Enough of that and the system will ban you.

You're supposed to hear the enemy team when you're playing Halo via proximity voice. MLG people are so weird...


I don't like this mechanic, so you can't use it!

If you're exchanging mutes with everyon you come into contact with, you'll get banned after you get muted enough. You DO know that you can change your voice settings so that you can only hear the people on your team, right? It saves you the trouble of having to mute everyone, and doesn't warrant possibly undeserved mute bans.