why work so hard to make madden so realistic then let cheats and glitches ruin the game??????

when is ea sports gonna realize that cheats and glitches ruin the game!!!!???  real madden players like myself take pride in outasmarting oppenents and not beating the system with cheats!!! it truly does ruin this game...when are you gonna GET RID OF ALL THE BS CHEATING IN SPORTS GAMES????


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Unfortunately, we keep buying it, so they keep doing what sells it. :(

So True

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Unfortunately, we keep buying it, so they keep doing what sells it. :(


So true.  If you guys keep buying the game and generating incredible sales numbers for EA...why would EA ever change anything.  If you want EA to make changes, stop buying the game for a year or two.  EA will then get the hint and start implimenting the changes its customers want.. 

Its funny.  Every Madden fan knows this, but most will not do this to make their voices heard.  I stopped buying Madden after 2010.  I will not buy another version until EA does something about the cheats and glitches in the game. 

The most obvious BS is the computer is completely rigged. Just look at replays, I have seen my LT literally let a LB walk right by him without him even trying to stop him which allowed for an easy sack. Just three times today alone I have had an easy 3 blockers vs. 1-2 defenders on a screen pass and as i stay patient behind my blockers they just allow the safety or whatnot to pass by and tackle me while they appear to be running ahead past them to block nobody.

I only run a screen play once per half at most, maybe once per game and I run it with decent deception with my formations and everything. I am no master, but I can beat All-Madden a lot. It just pisses me off when I run an awesome play design and have more than enough blocking support just to be tackled for a 2 yard loss.

Honestly a lot of people call anything they can't stop a glitch, so its pretty much a gray area. Obviously lagging and disconnection is cheating but some plays people say are glitches because they cant stop it