Why was the party option taken from Netflix???

Microsoft seriously what happened here? Why is there no Party option in the Netflix app? I know I am probably a year late but Ive always wanted to address my concerns on why such a feature was removed? Isnt that regression? There was the ability to share and watch tv shows with your friends on xbox live in a party and now its taken away. It was probably a first and very unique feature families and friends that live in other states to enjoy a movie with them as if they were with you on the couch when you were kids watching an old show and enjoying it the same, yet through a newer convience. You could watch shows amd shared interest of even mew friends you have made through this wonderful service but I guess its all but loss. Im not sure why something like Netflix party was removed but it took alot away from people who enjoyed using the service as such all up until it was removed for unknown reasons. If possible I wish you guys could come to an agreement with the netflix app maker to include this feature once again if possible. I know you guys probably wont even consider or bat an eye at this post but its worth a try. :/

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I'm pretty sure it was because they couldn't put it in the new app that they created, so they had no room for it to go anywhere.  I would suggest calling up Netflix and Xbox Support and requesting the feature to be added back.  If enough people complain about it, then they will. :)

Because  when pep were in a party the people that didn't have netflix  was watching netflix so the took it out