Why the hate for premium??

I might have missed something and  if so my bad but I just bought the premium pack. Truely I was not going to as I have become a bit bored with the game in general and  really try to just jump on here and there for a quick game or two. Wasn't really interested in dumping another 50 bucks on this game but honestly I am truely glad I did.

To start I enjoy small run n gun maps so the new modes are fun. Are they ole school Battlefield ??? No. It's just another mode and game type that is very fun to play.I am not a huge vehicle person and actually I have not even unlocked most perks for any vehicle. I am more of a Ground N Pound player anyways. Love the new guns and assignments and it has really perked up my interest in the game

But ....that being said. Some of the biggest complainers on here about BF...BF premium and really any thing else Battlefield play bf and the new modes EVERYDAY. I just don't understand if you hate the game so  dam much why do you play it then complain on here daily about it ? Then now on top of that you go and buy premium (some of which said they never would ) and now come back and complain some more.  Are you guys like seniors citizens who have nothing else to do but B*tch ?

I kinda look at it like the Miami Heat haters....You are not from Miami. Your not from OKC. In most cases you don't even follow basketball. Yet you have not missed a  single game ?? You call sports radio , post on the internet  how much you hate the Heat and LBJ but you  still watch every single game. If I don't like something why play,   or buy it ? If you hate something sooooo bad why do you watch? I can't stand Donald Trump and his pompus *ss I don't watch his show nor care what people say about him. Would never waist a moment of time on any forum to tell people about my hate much less ever efffin day. Life is too short and I have better things to do.

So buy premium if you like the smaller map modes it's fun. Don't listen to the senior citizens around here they need their diaper changed 

BTW..........Go Heat !


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ehh...Don't hate premium...not a fan of the teeny maps, but otherwise it's fine....I dislike DICE in general at this point, not for premium or this DLC, but for ruining official map rotations, for taking content away...when I bought the game, I could play conquest only on all the maps....I liked that...now if I want CQ only I"m saddled with 4 whole maps.....I like the smaller maps, but I also like the bigger maps....wanna be able to play them all without having to get myself let alone my party into several servers.....right now my alternative is private servers...what a crapshoot

also I would play the mixed map rotations IF they stuck to Rush and Conquest.....I detest TDM, though I prefer CQ, I still like Rush.....but I do not like the non-objective gametypes...and there I am having a blast playing rush...then next match its TDM....bla

i paid 60 for a game i was satisfied with, then they go and change the whole game after ive got it, in my house, im flabbergasted by that, and as for premium, it, and the first map pack are a blatant grab at cod fans, on top of that, in order to get bf players who ea believe dont really want premium or cq, they make this two week early and que preference thing (which i know wont matter, but still) its like they kicked me in the balls by changing official sever rotations, then tried again witht this premium, they missed the second the time, but they still tried-get it?

The only thing I dislike is server priority. Other than that, I have no problem with it. However, I'm not sure why someone would want to use a construction knife!

Honestly I agree with all of you . "Playing with friends" has  for me never been so effin difficult. When you finally do find a good group or map the rotation BLOWS !!!! Then off I go searching AGAIN. I spend more time searching for games then playing some nights.

Ya the knife thing means nothing ..Box cutter?? WTF am I in School in da hood or something?    

I got it in the end,I don't like the new maps so much but sometimes play Dom for a change,I like the weapons!Glad i got them now,Just looking forward to Armored Kill now!Can't wait!

I only played it once and I forget the modes name but the mode that you can run around and start with the pistol and then work your way through guns was fun as well.

I don't hate it but the server priority ticks me off a bit since all my friends have premium and I can never join their games :(.  So I'm tempted to buy premium cuz I hate playing with randoms.

I Bought premium today, not played any new maps or dlc yet but i think its worth it. think Im going to make battlefield the main game i play :)

A lot of people who bashed Premium end up buying it.

Funny that.  The orange box cutter must have been really appealing heh heh heh...

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