Why????? Someone explain!!!

Why does the Call of Duty series continue to put  single shot assult rifles(with very high damage) in the game, when they know people are going to exploit by using modded turbo controllers (whatever they are called).  Can someone please explain this???  Hopefully I am not alone in the frustration of this exploint that could easily be avoided. Thanks


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Well there would be a simple solution to them: add a fire cap to them. After that they'd be like battle rifles: something between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. That'd be nice. Anyways, I don't seem to find people who use those, they're all busy with snipers, shotguns or your common ACR, UMP etc.

the same thing goes for the sniper rifles, which are more deadlier then the single burst rifles, modded controllers simply give corporations more profitability because a lot of people will only play multiplayer games with them, so if they dont have one there not gonna buy the game

First off, M$ now sales offically endorsed "rapid fire" controllers, so I dont think any bans or whatever will happen. Secondly, this COD has a variety of "good" weapons with rapid fire attachments that can compete with the RF'd M14. Thirdly, this COD has a huge variety of secondary weapons that are fully automatic which can also compete with the "controller" weapons, so I dont really see it as a problem. I have run into guys using those set-ups (RF controllers and high damage weapons) and they can be tough to beat. Ill also add that several CODs ago, W@W to be exact, RF controllers with the M1 Carbine, plus having the fully auto pistol (because of the RF controller) was very unbalanced, but not so much anymore. JMHO.

XBL support said Licensed rapid controllers are design for offline use only.  If the controller is used online in a MP game it is bannable.  Just ask XBL support.  So, I report anyone I think is cheating with one.

Good point.  I just love running shottys and you have no chance when you come across a mod.  Gets annoying....but you would think they would try to avoid having such an obvious exploit.  

According to Ghorman, they are "not for online MPs", but I dont think there is going to be any investigations into it. It would be kinda hard to prove anyways. As I said earlier, it is NOT a problem now, especially if you had been around in the W@W days. Then yes, now, no.

[quote user="UneasyJmitchell"]

As I said earlier, it is NOT a problem now, especially if you had been around in the W@W days. Then yes, now, no.

[/quote]I miss being accused of modding back when I played that game. So many good memories, my trigger finger and I. :'(

^^I cant shoot like that, but some of those modded controllers made the M1 Carbine shoot faster than the PaP'd PPsh, plus the Carbine had the huge mag attachment AND high damage. I think the devs learned their lesson then. Many more weapons and secondaries that can compete nowadays.

You know. I still find it extremely funny how at first every fanboi denied that rapid fire controllers and modded controllers existed (were talking back at the original mw). Then when all the youtube videos showing you how to mod a controller hit yoututbe how MS was set against them (not like they ever actually investigate anyone using them...common).

Then companies started selling them (they know MS would never ban people for them)

Now MS actually sanctions them. I guess they figured if they cant stop them they might as well make money. 10 to 1 we'll see an official rapid fire controller being sold in the near future.


I can answer this for in some words. The guns you are talking about are for noobs who think they are good enough to play with the big BOYS they go for the high power damage guns when in truth you can fire fire half a clip into them and they still go down before they get the thrid shot off on you.

Secondly the Modded Turbo Controllers can be picked up in the kill cam cause some guns don't have rapid fire attachment and I have caught a few if not more then 20 people using the controller online which they have been banned for a week but they still use the controller online which means they are *** around and just asking to be banned longer then a week.

Thirdly I can point out that there was a patch in the new Dashboard update but people still find a way around the patch in the new Dashboard update which is sad.

Playing online is meant to be fair and square and not have these little idoits come in with their hacks and mods and *** around with the online game play and mess the game play up for those that want nice clean fun games without those wanting to win every match they go in with their mods and/or hacks.

Take me I play online in MW3 I'm 5th Prestige and yet I still get people bringing in their friends as a guest just to play MW3, to this I say the following: GROW UP AND TELL THEM TO GET THEIR OWN ACCOUNT AND NOT MESS AROUND WITH OUR GAME PLAY AND *** EVERYONE OVER.

Thank you for bringing this to attention I will see what can be done in the future about the modded Turbo Controllers and players who think that its cool to use them online in MW3 and HALO MP.

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