Why so serious? It's just a game!

I've encountered an interesting phenomenon when playing Halo Reach MP.  In many instances, an opposing player will take the time to kneel next to my body and pray after they've killed me.  Sometimes they even kneel directly over me.  If it's a team game, sometimes another player of the opposing team will also join their teammember in kneeling next to or over me.  They'll often stand and kneel several times in a row.

It's just a game!  There is no need to do this.  You haven't really killed me, just my avatar.  Besides, in a few seconds my avatar comes back to life as if nothing happened.  Really, I don't mind if you don't kneel when you kill me.

Also, this is dangerous for my opposing team.  Often times, members of my own team will not give opposing teammembers the courtesy to let you finish what you are doing.  They have no qualms of killing opposing teammembers in a kneeling position, even though the opposition is trying to be polite after a kill.

What puzzles me however is that none of my own teammembers have ever had the courtesy to engage in this polite behavior after they have betrayed me.

Anyway, it's just a game.  There is no need to kneel after every kill.


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Err, I did notice that.


July, July, July, July, July... January...

Just lol.

You DO know that this thread died 6 months ago, and this is the HALO: REACH forum, correct? Not sure why you brought it back from the dead, nor do I understand why you posted about WWE Allstars..

ANd whenever I dodge his attack or finisher whatever and get out of ring to avoid it he calls me a ***; I just say im staying alive.

                                            "'Tis not cowardice.It is love for life"

LOL Yeah my friend does that I'm playing WWE Allstars in a 1v2 match I take out both of my opponents (one being him) and he starts screaming and calling me a noob....

I mean, I enjoy gaming and take it quite seriously, I like getting achievements etc., but I don't start screaming over loseing.

Tryhards these days. :/

I was playing SWAT yesterday when I was caught in a 3-on-1 and killed.

As one of the players was "praying" over me.......one of my team mates.....shot him dead! [ROFLMAO]

Poetic justice, wouldn't you say?

The clip is in my fileshare for anyone who'd like to see it, so you too can ROFLYAO.

Those "serious" players are... seems much more inevitable in Halo Reach community then the others.

I have met one today and he  teabagged me. No idea why. All I did was killed him once with AR and then he did teabagging for... almost 1 minute?

I sent him message "teabagging? not cool bro." Reply: "You can blow me you little *** you suck"

This message described him as an immature kid of something.

Basically teabagging is often used to show dominance over a fallen player. Unfortunately, it has become a problem, immature kids do it because they think it'll faze someone in anyway, I actually find it funny and at the same time flattered, that they would take the time out of they're game to silently neel over my corpse.  

This post is awesome.

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