Why prestige?

i never got this concept... you want me to play to unlock all the cool stuff then get to a level cap only to have to start all over again... all for just a silly emblem on my gameryag on lobbies?  Am I missing someyhing here?  why not give players something as a reward that helps them i  the game.  maybe a cool random weapon drop, or mod to your titan... something.

Is it me?


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Don't you get extra burn cards for prestiging or is that just for hitting 50? I should know I'm generation 3 level 41 currently

Part of the fun is levelling up and unlocking things.

Prestiging is a way of keeping the game fun so you can keep levelling and unlocking.

You're playing the wrong game if you prestige. On Titanfall you re-gen.

It's fun to earn things again, if you play the game a lot it really shouldn't be a problem.

Generation/prestige gets the womenz. Its always been like this in CoD, and Im sure those same womenz follow Titanfall too.

You prestige to keep things interesting. The game is at its best when you don't have all the advantages going in.

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The instant titan burn cards are a nice perk.