why play the last 2 cods?

ok in another post people say how bad mw2 is..and it is..people are saying how average black ops is...which it is..more people are saying how great the pre mw2 cods are and how much better they are..so why arent they playing them..as i am.


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The "newest" COD gets most of my playtime, thats how its always been. I am sure MW3 will follow suit in that regards.

I've been playing a little of waw and mw2 lately.

I decided to play waw to levle up over the weekend, but apparently wasnt gettying double xp for it,

So I moved to mw2 tonight thinking I had levelling to do ...... but I'm at 70 ....... so..........

I might go back and play some more waw ........... played several matches of hc ffa and hc tdm .. didnt see any hackers and think I had more fun than on mw2.

I like little things about them all though .....  dont know that I have a favorite.

Its called "peoples opinions"

In my opinion MW2 was kak and in my opinion BOPS is the best CoD so far.

people love to moan about stuff and people get bored of playing the same game,CoD4 was good but after 1000 hours I am bored of it.That is my answer/opinion.

      Based on my experience gaming, (This is my new profile.) all games have their faults. Games cannot be perfect. When game developers try to make a game fair there is always a situation in which it isn't. I think that people just knit-pick at those situations too much. All I can say about games is "count your blessings."

Well I think Blops is the best CoD I've played.  MW2 was crap and my short experience with MW1 was plagued by glitchers.  Had never encountered them to that extent before so I took the game back.

because i can.

I think a sequel should be 1/3 improve, 1/3 change and 1/3 same.This make a new game similar to old game.    

There are several maps with those as well as a few with tanks. CoD3 is a lot of fun compared to the last three CoDs (MW2, BO, WaW), but the fact that its about dead and my hatred of vehicles put me off.

CoD2 and CoD classic are dead. CoD4 is still fun (but dead on PC :[ ). WaW and CoD3 have vehicles...

there is one map on cod 3 with vehicles where you can ride in the side car or the motorbike and its really good fun..i dont like team matches but on cod 3 its really good fun

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