Why pick up health packs but not shields?

Is there a mode where you have to find shields too? I'm all for old school gaming like Duke Nukem, DOOM, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Redneck Rampage, etc.


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I guess shields would have to be non-recharge to need 'pick-ups'. Having to look for two separate pick ups would be kind of annoying.

If this is for a custom, you can set the shields to No Recharge then (I think this exists in Reach) make a Custom Power up that's only ability is to recharge shields.

Are you talking like Halo 3 where you went around and picked up overshields and other power ups?

If so, that system was replaced by the re-installation of the health system from Halo: CE where shields and health were separate. In Halo 3 if you'll notice, there is no health bar, its combined with the shields. The only playlist where this is still present is in Team Classic. Otherwise you'll have to stick to custom games to use it.