Why other countries other than USA and some more, can't download the all fronts pack of gears of wars 2?

Hi everyone

   Recently I bought the Gears of Wars 2 Triple pack, but when i tried to download the all fronts pack it said that it was no avalible for my country, I'm really upset cuz i bought it at full price, and I can't download it, and I think if that was going to happen so why the hell don't say on the box or something, or just make it downloadable in all countries?


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Thanks for the info. The fact that they decided to advertise something that isn't on the disc and has to be downloaded, but not stating this, will make me refrain from telling others to buy it. First Borderlands GOTY does it, now this?

I'm originally from the States, where I bought the map packs. Now with my new UK Xbox and Gears I can't access those same maps that I've had fun on in the past back home. ****.

I just bought the GOW2 GOTY edition and it came with a code for the All Fronts Collection DLC...

I live in sweden, with a swedish xbox, have a swedish account... And to top it all off, I bought it in a swedish store (it even has swedish instructions on the card with the code on it... and yet... and yet...

"this item isn't available from your current location".

I read somewhere that the original All Fronts DLC was time-limited... perhaps that's it.