why oh why do microsoft allow all the cheats to prosper on xbox live so much cheating going by the wayside

seems as if at least every 3rd game there is cheating going on so why are they still on ????


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Because each complaint must be investigated. There are a lot of complaints being filed.

Go through the Account Suspension foums, then ask "Why, oh why does Microsoft allow all the cheats to prosper?"



Each game needs a vote to kick feature for cheaters.

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Consoles should be rigged to blow up when cheating is detected.

That way, cheaters can be banned permenantly.

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Each game needs a vote to kick feature for cheaters.


this is the only way,they need to look into a way of doing it that can`t be misused.

It would be great if micro soft could find a way to make a player highlighted somehow if they were using codes/scripts or what not when playing any game. That way their profile name/console ID or the ip would be banned automatically.

Micro soft needs to hire people to go to the hackers sites and get the codes/scripts that people are using and install a blocking device into the consoles that way people who do try and cheat won't be able too!

Kick votes do not work. I suck at shooters so my team mates may vote to kick me but the other team will vote to keep me in. But in F1, a game I was reasonably good at, I used to get kick votes simply because of my rank. They can too easily be misused.


The main problem is that IW have left it too long without tackling the issue so it is very widespread now.


The only solution I can see was suggested by someone in another one of these threads. Servers will need to be used with approved software versions and sizes and code etc. Anyone with software that does not match the approved version is banned from playing.

While cheaters, modders, etc. can be utterly infuriating, you have to keep in mind that there are millions of Xbox Live users and just a small-ish enforcement team. Consider how many complaints they get per day. Each of those needs to be checked over and verified, and you can bet a good number of them are pointless. It simply takes them time to catch the real cheaters.

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Consoles should be rigged to blow up when cheating is detected.

That way, cheaters can be banned permenantly.


Then it will also killed poeple that are not the cheater. And exploesus would be deteched in airport. And XBOX fans would be consitter a torroeist. And emeny of the state.


cheats are part of the game like hidding codes, passwords too.. Although cheats might be part of a game it also disables your achievements for that gamertag, which is stupid why place cheats in the game while it would disable the achievements? I understand prevent it so people can't cheat a achievement, but a gamertag.

The complaint enforcement team get a lot of fake filed complaints, even they were some fake complaints with me just cause someone didn't like me... Even my nephew were file some complaints because two people who chats with file complaints to him and he said (because it's fun) I almost got pissed at him and told him.


"dude it's like going in a police station and filed a fake report because it's funny, then the cop go's to that person house to fix the issue which there wasn't a problem at all because it was all fake and just wasted his time and tax money" I also said that when the cop finds out it's a fake file report he go's after the person who made the fake report then gets in trouble.


If one xbox law enforcement just went games that have leaderboards and see if it's possible or a hack that would be the easy way.. Such as just go to (crash course) the xbox law enforcement would see tons I mean tons of 1 sec there is your modders.