why oh why did they ruin slots

I for one am outright pissed that they made playing slots pointless, every time they fix some bugs they add in a kick to the nuts by nerfing something I use.


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I never played the slots, but have noticed that the last update they sent out disabled some of them. Still not sure why they added computers to random locations.

I got booted from 5 casinos for winning to much on the slots; Ultra Lux I beat with blackjack...Wasn't paying attention to when the change was made but noticed max bet at Sierra Madre was 25 also 25 at V&V while AW was 40

Now getting caps playing Caravan is a real challenge. The AI cheat too much. :-(

they dropped the bets on slots, the big jackpot used to be 32,000 caps now it's 4,000, caravan is harder but still clean up with my custom 10,9,7 deck

Solution, clear the Cache and remove the Update. Play away with wining Caps and then go back Online afterwards.

@LostKauz Alot of these updates are on the main 360 security update or when ever they have a system update, because clearing your cache or you games updates doesn't help on some of these chip glitches, I used to be able to have unlimited cash-out at primm not any more.. And I am not sure about the gold bars where you can drop them through the force field near the exit on in the Sierra Madre Vault, but I tried a gazillion times a couple of weeks ago an it wouldn't work...

@FueldRockets: You can still walk through the force field, but killing him with a few gas bombs / mines don't work on hardcore, I'm gonna put it on easy and maybe then I can get the gold bars. But like you, i've failed many times and have tried just about everything to get those bars..

Ehhh no big deal with slot machines, hardly use any form of playing as a means to make caps in game. Mugsy will make you filthy rich in game (gotta love that neurotic little guy) just give him a bunch of dirty dishes and coffee mugs, he'll turn 'em into something useful that you can sell.

Just play black jack. If you have 7+ Luck its real easy money. I got kicked out of all the casinos on the strip in 45 minutes.